Mu birra

dieđut   [ Informations ] :

Before u take a look at this webpage, u should be aware that u will experience the cruel truth about me.

This site shows you the abyss of mankind, relentlessly revealing all


This side has a deeper sense never the less...
i was occupied during the production with something

Just in case you should ask urself the question why the hell isn't the menu in english, ...I personally think it is great that u were thinking about it.

Horror has an image!
Just make it your friend ...

... if not,
its perfectly all the same


This side is as importent,
as the weather on the moon

After u made urself familiar with that page, u will ask urself a question that tormented u. Why did i torture myself.

If your curiosity drives you,
be aware of the fact that ...

... here u find nothing naked or anything that will profit u in games and really no posibility for ur education.

The completly wasted time will not be replaced after u leave that page.

Mu birra

Dovddut  [ Senses ] :

with plentifully names, some humans have problems with the pronounciation, what a surprise for a woman, everybody knows how to say Chianti when someone decides to have a glass of wine, but Chiara ...?

probably only one battery station in the Matrix... please free me

by diverse, learned or even educated, people followed by the awareness I’m... I dare say... entirely sane but fit for nothing

as a psychopathic pathologist called to, vocational advisor and spin doctor for moaning whores
and an exactly after 7:45 p.m.
ALDI-shopper jumping the queue

certainly those with the wings, aroma overlays by well-established manufactures and... heads up! ... her brain before talking rubbish


various longish animals of different breeds, for which occasionally one is good enough to eat and which cross their environment showing the tongue.

to numerous series of well-sounding melodies, that can be heard pretty loud. To be mentioned are here: Elusive, Tristania, Tarja Turunen and acrobats of sound like Nigel Kennedy.

at people, who are firmly convinced that the origin of all human beings is a piece of clay and that, of course, in this case the laws of natural sciences aren't in force.

against betacarotene-coloured alpine yodeller and cloned Ötzis, who try to be a DJ thousands of years later & and against horde-forming beings who stand looking through brown-coloured glasses and with simple-minded ignorance in the way of the value of the human being and of the equality of everyone.

Mu birra

várdosis  [ Overview ] :

numerously available, which most people call me Chiara however some cannot pronounce it
*looks  suprised* to say hey you there

length 1720mm,
measured it with a geotriangle
living person mass letterscale unfit, industrialscal not necessaary

haircolor: C050, M059, Y100, K049
eyes: C085, M028, Y100, K015
soul: total chromatic spectrum
all data in CMYK without guarantee :P

... production development was in a natural way
in the dark bedroom in the missionary position

of my parents statement missing
the correct definition would be:
none of those that my father would admit to


hmmm, ... that raises the question,
the category gummibaers and vanilla ice-cream
falls under a substantial dependence

I would like to explain...
imagine an airport, it's not possible for me without any difficulties to go thrue an metal detector or person control without ending up naked

clearly in a current up to date german pisastudy,
Tree school exam with diploma

red, dry and old or a transparent scandinavian winterbeverage

four of which i know,
are called
Lydia, Helena, Athena and Persephone
in addition various Arachnids in my cellar without names. reason the population is to high

Mu birra

niegut  [ Dreams ] :

... that I remain healthy and don't  end up on maschine's that pevent me from departing in peace

... that people finally acknowledge that war ist the wrong way to a peaceful world

... that people finally recognize, neither the skin color or the nationality in any human shouldnt make any different

... that you accept me the way i'm and not trying to constantly change me

... that they produce green guimmibaers again


... that Fantasie and dreams of humans always exist and everyone keeps a little childlike simplicity in themself

... i could be in sweden in this moment and simple enjoy nature and be happy

... Angelina Jolie finally adopt's me, i can look sweet and adorable

... to drink with Tom Eddie a few beer's in Bergen,
skål Tom du är jättebra!

... would like to go in Norway to
June Sølvi to style my hair :)

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